FCi Federal is a unique government services provider. We save agencies millions of dollars by taking on work that would be far more expensive for them to do themselves. Moreover, our work with law enforcement agencies and immigration plays a critical role in protecting our nation’s borders.
FCi Federal

About Us

Operating in more than 40 states and territories, FCi Federal delivers essential operations management and professional services to federal Government agencies. We deliver the depth and breadth of resources, and engaged leadership to manage complex Government programs, ranging from operating large production centers to providing integrated mission support services for geographically distributed operations. Our staff is hard at work every day at customer sites across the nation, processing constituent requests for Government services and benefits that come in by the tens of thousands.

Our employees are passionate about helping American citizens, citizens-to-be and visitors from other nations. Applying proven processes and an innovative approach to performance, FCi Federal employees consistently deliver the highest quality experience to the agencies they support and to the people who count on these critical Government services.

For more than 20 years, FCi Federal has partnered with Government agencies to enhance their processes and procedures and to continually improve the constituent experience at every touch point—and deliver service with zero tolerance for errors or delays. FCi Federal is committed to achieving the high levels of customer satisfaction and routinely delivering outstanding service in support of each customer’s unique mission.

Efficiently processing records and other documentation is a central part of our service offering. Every day, we support the end-to-end processing of applications for visas, citizenship and many other federal licenses, certificates and permits. FCi Federal saves the Government millions of dollars by taking on work that would be far more expensive for agencies to process themselves. Our demonstrated success has allowed agencies to focus on high-level mission objectives.

The Market Challenge and the FCi Federal Solution

Government agencies provide a variety of services to constituents. There is a delicate balance between enforcing the agency mission in adherence with the law, and delivering a positive and rewarding experience to the people the agency serves. A simple human error can be costly—not only financially for the agency, but also personally for the constituent who is anxiously waiting to receive services or Government benefits. The stakes are high. National security is at risk if the wrong person is granted entry to the U.S.

FCi Federal dramatically improves the efficiency and accuracy of service delivery, positively impacting and enforcing a Government agency’s mission with each constituent interaction. There is no room for error when providing services that touch people’s lives—particularly if the agency’s mission has economic, public safety, or national security considerations. By partnering with FCi Federal—a company whose only focus is to provide operational support services—Government agencies can trust that the highest standards and the most reliable, repeatable and trainable processes are applied to their mission.

The Bottom Line

FCi Federal brings engaged leadership and the responsiveness and flexibility to quickly respond to our customer’s changing mission needs. We employ proven management best practices specific to this line of work and we execute under a stable business model and employee-focused culture. Most FCi Federal contracts support programs where services are paid by constituents through processing fees. As a result, these programs are self-sustaining and not subject to the uncertainty of annual appropriations.

FCi Federal brings a new level of accountability and dependability to program operations at a time when the Government is compelled to achieve better results with fewer resources. We work with each agency to form a unique partnership that is truly win-win. Service you can count on, and measurable results—when getting it right matters.