FCi Federal is a unique government services provider. We save agencies millions of dollars by taking on work that would be far more expensive for them to do themselves. Moreover, our work with law enforcement agencies and immigration plays a critical role in protecting our nation’s borders.
Sharon D. Virts
Founder and Chairman
FCi Federal

Corporate Social Responsibility

At FCi Federal, corporate social responsibility is driven by a passion to improve the quality of life of our employees, their families and the communities in which we live and work. We take tremendous pride in our people, and we strive to be a company our employees can be proud of.

We maintain the highest of ethical standards—applying core values built on a foundation of respect, integrity, commitment, and excellence. Our employees are provided with the opportunity and the environment to exceed their potential by executing essential work with exceptional colleagues, in a company dedicated to professional growth and development.

FCi Federal employees understand we’re a part of our community and they have made a personal commitment to serve socially responsible causes that have a positive and sustainable impact. We embrace the spirit of service, and support them in achieving meaningful results and lasting impacts.