FCi Federal is a unique government services provider. We save agencies millions of dollars by taking on work that would be far more expensive for them to do themselves. Moreover, our work with law enforcement agencies and immigration plays a critical role in protecting our nation’s borders.
FCi Federal

Our Culture

Focused mission

Operations Management is not a sideline for us – it is what we do, and it is who we are. When we win contracts from an existing incumbent, invariably the outgoing company has an IT-centric view and delivers services through a staff augmentation model. At FCi Federal, we establish a performance-focused model and accountability-based culture. We often find that government customers do not know what is possible through a government contractor – until we show up.

FCi Federal has a laser-like focus on our core competencies, and we are not distracted trying to be everything for everybody. We separate ourselves from our competitors by proactively pursuing Firm Fixed Price performance-based contracts. We have the methodologies in place to successfully execute those kinds of contracts efficiently and effectively. Across the country each day, we meet our customers’ rigorous standards for accuracy, timeliness and customer satisfaction. For some agencies, our contract relationship spans multiple contracts over the course of up to over 14 consecutive years, in which we have met or exceeded each and every performance standard.

Service Excellence

FCi Federal provides service to our customers with excellence—not just an aspiration, but as a mindset. We rely on a core set of basic principles for delivering excellent performance:

  • Customer Focus:
 All activities and efforts focused on meeting customer needs and expectations
  • Teamwork:
 Working together towards a common goal
  • Speed and Agility:
 Being quick, responsive, flexible and adaptive
  • Empowerment:
 Everyone feeling responsible for client success, with decision-making being pushed to the lowest practical levels 
  • Intensity:
 Passion, commitment to going the extra mile, persevering to get the job done 
  • Accountability: Doing what we say we will do when we say we will do it, and holding ourselves accountable to that standard.

Core Values

FCi Federal has a corporate culture defined by a partnership with our people and our customers. We apply core values built on a foundation of respect, integrity, commitment and excellence. We have an outstanding performance record on all contracts through close attention to production, quality and customer satisfaction.

We enable our people through structured accountability-based best practices to add value to agencies and programs, and to do so with the utmost dependability when getting it right matters. Our employees consistently exhibit “above the line” behavior – making a personal choice to own and solve customer issues to achieve the desired results.

FCi Federal has become one of the fastest growing government services firms in the industry. We zealously safeguard our high-accountability culture and clear-eyed strategy of investing in service innovations that help our customers achieve more.