The FCi Recruiting team is very open about the hiring process, which is rare and frankly amazing; to be so open and direct about the hiring process relieves job seeker fears. I have yet to come across an employer who advertises and promotes their jobs better than your FCi Federal recruiters. Recruiters Jenn and Erin are doing an amazing job, and as a state employee, I appreciate their candor and transparency in their approach with us and with job seekers. I wanted to let you know that they are doing a great job and it has been a pleasure working with them trying to fill those FCi Federal job openings.
State Workforce Coordinator
Department of Labor

Career Opportunities

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FCi Federal is known for outstanding service to our customers. We believe fundamentally that helping to make federal agencies more efficient and effective in serving the American people is more than just a job, and we are proud to report that this mindset has resulted in a very high re-compete win rate and growth to more than 5,000 team members.

To ensure our continued success, we seek team members who are dedicated, enthusiastic, and talented.

FCi Federal is an Equal Employment/Affirmative Action Employer that values the diverse background of our people and we provide an environment where diversity thrives. Because of our size and culture, each individual has an impact on corporate success, and we reward those who go above and beyond to serve our customers.

We offer our employees interesting and challenging opportunities and competitive compensation.