Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)

FCi Federal supports FLETC in effectively working with 91 federal agencies and partner organizations in its role as an interagency law enforcement training organization that trains approximately 70,000 officers and agents annually. We manage the Student Customer Service Center and provide registration services for 350 training courses and all students that attend any FLETC class. Our support includes entering data into the Student Information Systems (SIS) for 40,000+ students annually. Information must be entered within 48 hours of receipt with an AQL of 99.5% accuracy. Our current accuracy rate is 99.89%. We operate a publication storage distribution center where we respond to the mail and shipping needs for FLETC training programs nationwide. We house and distribute 600,000 publications annually. We provide student records management services, including maintaining, filing, and tracking of 450,000 student, medical and personnel records.