National Security and Law Enforcement

The missions and priorities of federal, state and local law enforcement have been redefined to respond to post-9/11 realities. FCi Federal supports the investigation, intelligence and defense missions of agencies that ensure our homeland is safe, secure, and resilient against terrorism and other hazards.  We currently support with the Department of Justice to include the DEA and the FBI as well as enforcement and security programs at the Department of Homeland Security to include components such as FLETC, USCG, FPS and CBP.

FCi Federal has provided continuous high quality services to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) since our inception. In addition to our operations management services on major USCIS programs, we perform wide-ranging mission support across the homeland security enterprise. Each day, FCi Federal provides professional services and delivers predictable, high quality back office support that enables our Government customers to focus on mission programs in the areas of law enforcement, federal protection, transportation, and border security.

For example, FCi Federal has provided continuous high quality services to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) since 1998. To adequately prepare law enforcement agents and officers, FLETC provides training for all phases of instruction, from firearms and high-speed vehicle operations to legal case instruction and defendant interview techniques. The center provides training that is focused to secure and protect America. To support this primary mission, FLETC must continuously improve its training programs to quickly respond to emerging customer needs and readily adapt to new requirements. FCi Federal performs training program registration, instructor and student support, exam grading, training records management, training material storage and distribution, and transcript services for students, law enforcement agencies, employers and universities. This support enables FLETC to effectively work with 91 federal agencies and partner organizations in its role as an interagency law enforcement training organization that trains approximately 70,000 officers and agents annually.