FCi Federal provides eligibility and pre-adjudication support services to numerous mission critical federal programs. We support the eligibility and adjudication lifecycle end-to-end, bringing highly relevant expertise and experienced leadership. We assist in the processing of applications through numerous process stages, including: receiving petitions and applications; data entry; file creation; data retrieval and tracking; correspondence support; and, preliminary application assessment services. We sort applications/petitions by type, determine that applications are valid and constituents are eligible for benefits, ensure the correct fees have been remitted, validate the application is complete, and send applicants notices or requests for additional information.

FCi Federal treats every file as a person. These files represent persons trying to reunite with their family, persons fleeing from political persecution and persons striving to complete the immigration process by becoming a United States citizen. Our employees touch the lives of thousands of people each and every day. It’s all about the mission of our customers.