Information Management

FCi Federal is a leader in Information Management. We work in complex environments with massive amounts of unorganized paper media dealing with sensitive investigative cases.

Records Management

Records management and file operations are a core competency of FCi Federal. We hold several records management prime contracts in challenging federal Government applications that include immigration petitions, enforcement cases, mariner documentation, federal training records, and federal court records. Since 1998, we have managed nearly half a million law enforcement training records at DHS Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC).

We deliver NARA records management-certified personnel and best practices that are tailored to each customer environment and managed in a structured, replicable and scalable manner. At the USCG NMC, FCi Federal improved file operations by 25% using our tailored approach. With dozens of seasoned records managers certified in NARA processes, we bring in-depth understanding to assist agencies in designing and operating comprehensive, federally compliant records management programs.

FOIA and Litigation Support

The presidential executive order giving American citizens easier Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) access has resulted in most federal agencies experiencing a rising wave of requests for federal information and records. With continued budget constraints and human resource limitations, many customers have turned to FCi Federal to respond to and process FOIA requests. FCi Federal supports numerous FOIA programs including the Department of Treasury, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), Department of State (DoS), United States Coast Guard (USCG) National Maritime Center (NMC), and Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC).

FCi Federal understands the nuances of FOIA work and we bring highly relevant expertise and proven quality practices to provide FOIA processing services to federal agencies. We have a long and successful history of providing FOIA and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) support to Government agencies and a team that includes FOIA Subject Matter Experts to support the design of FOIA programs as well as knowledgeable, experienced FOIA Specialists to perform processing operations. Our expert assistance helps our federal customers design effective and efficient FOIA programs to respond to a wide range of FOIA requests in a way that supports the spirit and intent of the law, while appropriately protecting certain agency information. FCi Federal assists in integration FOIA programs into overall records management processes and maximizing use of agency electronic records for FOIA review.

FCi Federal’s FOIA operations services are designed to help agencies improve citizen-centric service and comply with executive mandates. We deliver services to help reduce FOIA backlog; identify, review, and analyze responsive documentation working with Government counterparts throughout the organization; develop letters and release determinations; and maintain FOIA case tracking. We provide these services for classified environments for records that contain sensitive national security information. Our best practice approach improves processing timeliness while strictly controlling the release of appropriate information.

National Transportation Safety Board Case Study:

On a contract with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), FCi Federal provided FOIA processing services to eliminate an enormous backlog of requests on all NTSB major investigations, supporting a large proportion of requests asking for “any and all” documents. Our staff received requests for investigative case files for accidents processed by the NTSB. These case files are often voluminous (the investigation for TWA 800 was over 80 boxes of materials and filled an entire room) and are often multimedia, photographs, tape recordings, videotape, as well as paper-based. This was a 2-year project that we completed early, in only 18 months.

Department of Treasury Case Study:

FCi Federal supports litigation efforts, in coordination with the Assistant Director of Disclosure Services, OFAC, by crafting Vaughn indices, declarations, affidavits, answers to complaints, and supplemental releases. We also provide FOIA/PA review and processing of certain pending and complex FOIA Cases and scan FOIA support documents related to cases assigned into the FOIA database. We prepare documentation for, and responses to, FOIA/PA requests, coordinating disclosures of information with entities within OFAC and agencies outside of OFAC. FCi Federal processes submitter notices associated with specific FOIA cases and provide initial analysis of submitter objections. We also redact documents in accordance with OFAC FOIA protocols which includes annotating appropriate FOIA exemptions on records. We process responses to submitters of objections to release of information in OFAC records, generate response letters to requesters detailing OFAC’s FOIA review and release determination, and maintain complete and detailed case notes on all assigned cases.